From the many popular dialogues Amitabh Bachchan has delivered in reel life, I pick 10 of my favorites that haven’t just entertained, but also inspire us to excel in real life, especially at the workplace. Here they are:

1. “Jis Kaam Ke Liye Aapne Mujhe Rakha Hai, Woh Kaam Kaise Kiya Jayega, Yeh Soochna Bhi Mera Kaam Hai” Deewar

Master your trade. In and out. No two ways about this. This is the starting point and nothing that you’re going to read ahead will work for you if you make a mess of what you ought to be a champion at. Excelling at what you’re hired for comes before everything else. Period. Demonstrating it time and again gives you the confidence Vijay Verma had in Deewar, which is visible when he asserts that he knows he can do it when asked if he thinks he can do it! Ensure when it comes to your kaam, you’re the best!

 2. “Hawa Tez Chalta Hai, Dinkar Rao, Topi Sambhalo Udd Jayega” – Agneepath

Keep an eye on the situation. These lines used by Vijay Chavan were more of a threat than anything else. But what they really tell is that you ought to know what’s happening around you. Situations are dynamic and some or the other catalyst is always at play. Some situations are under your control and some aren’t. Some affect you and some don’t. Awareness is something that leads to simulations which eventually help drive calculated actions. More often than not, all this ensures you’re proactive and not reactive. Any clues on how’s the hawa been recently?

3. “Main Paanch Lakh Ka Sauda Karne Aaya Hoon … Aur Meri Jeb Mein Paanch Phooti Kaudiyaan Bhi Nahin Hai” – Trishul

Be enterprising and take risks. Like Vijay Kumar, you might not always have the best resources (or insufficient or even none) at your disposal. But what costs nothing is an enterprising streak. Being enterprising is nothing but visualizing doors where others see none. It helps you identify and seize opportunities others see late (or never) and that ensures you deliver before (or more) than others. As far as risks are concerned, your job won’t need you if there weren’t any risks. Without risks there aren’t returns and the risks that backfire leave learning as precious residue. So get cracking on a sauda.

4. “Main Paani Ke Liye Raasta Banaunga, Uske Baad Paani Hamare Liye Raasta Banayega” – Kala Patthar

Take challenges head-on. When stuck in a flooded coal mine, Vijay Pal Singh made a choice and did what no ordinary individual would have done under the circumstances. He made way for the gushing waters. To find solutions in a difficult situation, you’ll need to address the core issue once and for all, howsoever enormous its size or however big the threat. If not dealt with in totality, the situation will keep pulling you back and you’ll end up wasting time and energy over and over again. This should clear your raasta.

5. “Wahan Se Tumhe Yeh Cheh Dikh Raha Hoga, Lekin Yahan Se Mujhe Yeh Nau Dikhta Hai” – Aakhree Raasta.

Put your point across. David D’Costa beautifully explained his point here. All of us have our own perspectives for we come from different backgrounds, ethos, cultures and have had varied experiences. If you have a point, you can’t just say it, you got to sell it. Feel free to put examples, citations, idioms, metaphors and graphics to generous use. The most important stakeholders usually don’t have the luxury of time, hence it’s important to be crisp. They also hear many perspectives day in and day out, hence it’s important to be novel. Ensure they see your Nau.

6. “Ek Insaan Jo Zubaan Samjhe, Main Uske Saath Usi Zubaan Mein Baat Karta Hun” – Trishul

Talk in a way they understand. Here Vijay Kumar isn’t referring to linguistics. He is talking about being even. He is stressing upon the importance of doing unto others what others do to you (or others). It’s about giving people a taste of their own medicine. It’s about reciprocating. Not everyone you meet understands and appreciates the way you work, so you might need to adapt. Not everyone you work with comes easy on you or is considerate, so you need to have a firm stance. What comes around, has to go around. Good for good and bad for bad. Talk the zubaan they’re used to.

 7. “Galat cheez banaya telephone. Udhar se aadmi soochta kuch hai, bolta kuch hai, karta kuch hai” – Agneepath

Go by nothing but the written. Again, Vijay Chavan meant much more than he said. Nothing against the good old telephone but it (or any verbal communication for that matter) is of no good use when people sitting on the same floor exchange emails – which obviously has its merits. You’re in a space where verbal conversations have no tangible value. What’s on circulars, memos or emails is more important than what’s heard. Documentation holds the real value and weight for one can deny or conveniently forget what one stated over the telephone or elsewhere. Don’t rely too much on the galat cheez.

8. “Sahi Baat Sahi Waqt Aur Sahi Mauke Par Ki Jaye To Uska Maza Kuch Aur Hi Hota Hai” – Trishul

Timing as critical as content. Vijay Kumar is talking about three things here. The right thing, the time and the right opportunity. The right thing is a given. You obviously need to have the right thing to say or do, no alternatives to getting this one ‘right’. But that’s seldom enough. The right thing (an idea, for example) can’t be too late or too early. When late, it has no value and when early, no one realizes its value. Post getting the right thing and time, you got to get the right people or forums or situations to set the ball rolling. Now you know you got to get three things sahi!

 9. “Nazdiki Fayda Dekhne Se Pehle Door Ka Nuksaan Sochna Chahiye” – Sarkar

Think long term. Subhash Nagre’s astute mind and experience talking. This isn’t for the fly-by-night operators. If you’re not one, you need to know that things that can take you to peaks today, might create huge craters tomorrow. Might. You need to assess repercussions of your actions in the long term especially when you’re under pressure to deliver. That’s when you’re most vulnerable to fall for short term gains. It’s not just about winning today, there is also a tomorrow you need to secure for yourself. That’s what Sarkar would do!

10. “Duniya Mein Kam Log Hai Jo Dusron Ki Kamyabi Se Khush Hote Hai” – Trishul

Not everyone wants you to succeed. Here, Vijay Kumar goes about stating a harsh reality of life in the most matter-of-fact manner possible. Not everyone you shake hands with or work with is a friend and not everyone likes to clap when you win. Your struggles are yours alone and so are your successes. Your success (or failure) is what it makes people show their real shades. There can be a few who’ll feel happy about you successes and stick around when the chip are down. Check if you’re blessed with some of these kam log around you.


Note: This is my tribute to Big B on his 74th. Dialogues are from his movies I’ve seen numerous times as a fan. The interpretations are my own. This is for inspiration only and no copyright violations intended. 

8 thoughts on “10 Amitabh Bachchan Dialogues That Not Just Entertain But Inspire

  1. Wah wah wah!! Thats a great tribute to the legend. i am sure if u share this on his twitter account, he will be very happy!! Keep it up Sid! all 10 of them are 10 on 10!!! 🙂

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  2. Bro… Mind blowing.
    I always feel that I am a big fan of Big B.., but after reading your writing I am nothing in front of you…. Keep Sharing and keep it up..

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  3. I’ve come across many articles on Amitabh Bachchan and his famous dialogues but I must say some of the ones chosen by you are deep and very rare. Especially the ones from Trishul and Kala Pathhar. Looking forward to more from you.

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