Lakshmi – the first lady of the heaven is widely known as the goddess of wealth and remains the focal point during the Diwali festivities. Lakshmi is popularly depicted as an elegant woman, dressed in a red saree, donning gem studded gold ornaments, sitting on a blooming lotus and carrying a pot full of gold coins. But, there is more to Lakshmi than just being the goddess of wealth. She symbolizes holistic wellbeing and prosperity. Here are her eight forms, each one of them comes with a unique blessing:

  1. Adi Lakshmi – Her first ever appearance. She surfaced from the depths of the ocean, as a result of the ‘great churn’ (read more). She came, she chose Vishnu as her consort and made Vaikunth her home. Without her, Vishnu – the preserver of the world’s order, is incomplete.
  2. Dhan Lakshmi – She’s the most popular. After all, especially in our times, less things shine as bright as gold. She bestows wealth, fortune and abundance. She provides for our needs, wants and desires. Her blessings set the ball rolling for human existence.
  3. Dhanya Lakshmi – She’s the one bringing the goodness of nature and the nutrients needed for a healthy human body, in the form of food grains. With her blessings, the granaries brim with abundance. For all the gold coins we might amass, we can’t feed on them.
  4. Veer Lakshmi – Every human endeavour needs courage and she’s the one bestowing it. Be it overcoming obstacles or scaling new heights or defeating adversaries or taking a path less travelled, the blessings of this form of Lakshmi play a pivotal role.
  5. Vijaya Lakshmi – More than victory in all forms of competition, she brings in the sense of holistic achievement in life. Her blessings are sought to accomplish specific objectives. At the end of the day, its success that makes every human endeavour worth it.
  6. Aishwarya Lakshmi – What good are wealth, valour and victory if you can’t enjoy them. She might bless you with the wealth but you still need her blessing for continuous prosperity, comforts, fine living and rich tastes. Here she, in a way, closes the loop.
  7. Gaja Lakshmi – She’s either flanked by magnanimous elephants or mounts one. Since elephants symbolize grandeur, here, she brings royalty. This form of Lakshmi is believed to have a long stay where she stops thus blessing generations with wealth, abundance and fortune.
  8. Santan Lakshmi – She’s the one bringing the joy of parenthood. Here, her blessing not just complete the family but also ensures one’s linage carries on. Procreating, in some Hindu scriptures, is one of the most important duties of an individual.

Obeisance to Lakshmi, the goddess with eight forms. Seek her blessings for a fulfilled life!

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