Kunti, the first wife of King Pandu of Hastinapur, was blessed with a special boon. The boon gave her powers to invoke any God of her choice and the God invoked would bless Kunti with a son. Kunti used the boon four times. Before her marriage to King Pandu of Hastinapur, she invoked the Sun god and bore Karn. Fearing questions from people about the birth of the child, she abandoned Karn. After her marriage to Pandu, she invoked Yama (God of Death and righteousness), Vayu (God of Wind) and Indra (God of Sky and the ruler of heaven) and bore Yudhisthir, Bheem and Arjun respectively.  The sons of Kunti were the finest warriors of the Mahabharat. Each of them had their share of testing times and they all came out as winners. Their stories have inspiration for us.  Here’s from Arjun:

Arjun – With war inevitable, both Kauravs and Pandavs started sending emissaries to ally and neutral kingdoms seeking support. The Kauravs had amassed nine Akshauhinis (battalions) whereas the Pandavs had seven such battalions under their command. Dwarka, under the kingship of Krishna was a powerful kingdom with two powerful battalions – known as the Narayani Sena. Krishna himself was a warrior and strategist par excellence, wielding the Sudarshan Chakra, an invincible divine disc. The side which had Krishna’s support, with his two powerful battalions, would definitely have an edge. Hence, Arjun and Duryodhan reached Dwarka to personally seek Krishna’s support and seal an alliance for their sides. Duryodhan reached Krishna’s chamber first and found Krishna napping. Waiting for Krishna to rise, Duryodhan sat on a chair placed near the headrest of Krishna’s bed. Arjun too walked into Krishna’s chamber and seeing him asleep, decided to stand near the bed, by Krishna’s feet. Both Arjun and Duryodhan exchanged glares and waited patiently for Krishna to wake up, so they could request him to join their respective sides in war. When Krishna woke up, he saw Arjun first. After exchanging pleasantries, Krishna was curios so as to what had brought Arjun to Dwarka. Before Arjun could speak, Duryodhan interrupted, telling Krishna that since he arrived first, he should be heard first. Though surprised to see Duryodhan, Krishna let him to speak first. Duryodhan asked for Krishna’s support in the war and insisted that his plea be honoured, since he came and asked for help before Arjun. Having heard Duryondha’s point, Krishna agreed but also argued that since he saw Arjun first, he would need to support him as well. A perplexed Duryodhan questioned on how Krishna could support both warring sides at the same time. That’s when Krishna announced that the choice is between choosing him and his Narayani Sena. Krishna also said that he would not participate fight in the war and will not raise any weapon. Krishna decided that Arjun would be given the chance to choose first, given he was younger between the two. Duryodhan’s protests were in vain as Krishna stood firm and asked Arjun to make a choice. Wasting no time and without a second thought, Arjun asked Krishna to join him, stating that he did not come to seek help from the Narayani Sena. It was Krishna he sought and was happy to have him by his side, albeit devoid of his weapons. Arjun asked Krishna to be his charioteer in the great war and Krishna happily agreed. Thinking of Arjun to be a big fool choosing Krishna alone and not his mighty Narayani Sena, Duryodhan thought he got a great deal, thanked Krishna for the battalions and left. When given a choice between quality and quantity, Arjun chose quality. Krishna, without raising arms in the battlefield, orchestrated a Pandav victory!


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8 thoughts on “The Sons of Kunti & Their Inspirational Stories: Part 4 of 4 – Arjun choosing quality over quantity

  1. Inspiring stories indeed. I love the Indian mythology and your blog is really cool. Keep these stories coming. Regards from Germany.

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  2. I read all the 4 stories in this series. Beautifully explained. I am making my children read these stories. Please share some interesting stories on Nakul and Sehdev also.

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